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Gillette Football Club : P&G and YouTube team up to create a platform providing men with the best a fan can get!

Posted on 17 Sep 2012 in Campaigns, YouTube | 0 comments

We’ve all seen remarkable campaigns on YouTube where brands seem to go beyond the basic functionalities that YouTube provides to its ’normal’ users (read: users which are not multinational mega brands). We’ve all enjoyed the hilarious Tipp-Ex ‘Hunter shoots a bear’ campaign; we were all amazed by Nike’s ’My Time Is Now’ campaign during the last European Football Championship, where Nike challenged us to find the ‘hidden tunnels’ in the main YouTube movie, leading to other -’hidden’- movies or mini-sites.

But those are campaigns with a limited use of time, creating a single ‘wow’-moment but not leading directly to a continuing engagement from brand fans.

Gillette, part of the Procter&Gamble group, now takes it one big step further: teaming up with YouTube, they just launched the ’Gillette Football Club’. This is not a campaign, this is a platform aiming to bring premium football (’soccer’, if you’re US based) content in an innovative way to millions of football fans, while branding Gillette as the premier brand for football fans along the way.

So what does this Gillette Football Club actually promise? These are in my opinion the 4 most innovating features :

  • * HD quality from YouTube partners covering top leagues like Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A; over 50 different clubs, including Manchester City FC, Chelsea FC, Paris Saint-Germain, and Olympique de Marseille; as well as news from sports content providers such as TalkSport and ESPN.
  • * a personalized experience: at sign up, viewers will have the option to select their favorite leagues and clubs to have the latest videos delivered to them the moment they are available.
  • * the channel will also include exclusive entertainment programs and new functions such as social gaming to be rolled out after launch.
  • * integration of player & team statistics into the YouTube experience.

This is, as Gillette claims, ’the best a fan can get’, subtle hint to their main baseline ‘Gillette, the best a man can get’.
At least, being a football fanatic, this is what I expect from an innovative football content distribution platform.

Another important aspect from this launch, is a quote from one of the P&G marketing guys : “We don’t talk digital, we don’t talk mobile, we talk about brand experience in a connected world”.
Good to see that some big brands are finally moving away from this channel-focused approach. Everything is digital nowadays, everybody is mobile. It’s not about Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, or iPhone vs Android, or online vs offline. It’s about reaching your customers, wherever you can grab their attention. I do think some people at Gillette marketing are fans of Brian Solis’ Connected Consumerism #GenC model 😉

In my humble opinion, this is a very wise move from P&G / Gillette: like most marketers experience every day, a marketing job is already half done when you’re marketing a brand with a high ‘passion potential’. When it comes to passion, sports (& sports teams) are second to none. Football is passion. Your favorite football team is passion. Being able to link your brand in a clear but non-intrusive way is a smart (but rather expensive, I guess) move.

The success of the Gillette Football Club platform will mainly depend on the ability to bring this premium ’only on our channel’ content. But with the partnerships with teams and leagues Gillette could announce already today, the future looks bright, the future of football content distribution looks Gillette!
Main challenge for Gillette will be to create enough buzz around this initiative, because there is a lot of competition on the market : every decent football team has its own youtube channel, all major sports-news-brands have their own channels, … . But I do believe the P&G PR machine will be able to gain enough momentum, in order to make Gillette Football Club the number one top-of-mind football video platform for fans worldwide.

So, nothing negative to say about the Gillette Football Club?
Well, to be honest, the launch event (live streamed on youtube this morning at 11.00 CET) was rather boring, a couple of hundred people watching is not really a massive crowd, and disabling comments during the event is not really ’conversation company’ style. But hey, practice makes perfect!

More info : www.youtube.com/gillettefootballclub
Get the full press release via this link


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